Welcome to our world!

We are Manuka Creatives, and we’re thrilled you’re here. We’re a team of photographers, videographers, content creators – you name it. Here to deliver galleries and films you’re looking for and deserve.

So how did it all come to be? It’s simple. Passion. Passion for capturing moments that could have been lost forever. But thanks to people like us, they’re here to stay. And we couldn’t be more proud!

Meet the creatives

Adam - photographer

Location: Vik, Iceland
Nationality: POLISH

Sike! Time to scribble a couple words about myself, eh? If only it was as easy as I thought it would be! I’m a creator that tells stories in form of photographs. I actually started when I was 13 or 14 years old – can’t remember exactly… But photography and art have been with me since middle school basically. I took several classes on painting, sculpting, arts and crafts when I was young. Right after graduating high school I had decided that this is the path I’m gonna take, and I took it seriously. Believe me, my mom was hella scared to find out her son wants to be an independent artist!

Luckily I got my way around running my own business. Started photographing events in my family, then my friends asked me for pictures, and their friends and that’s pretty much how I grew my presence in the industry. I got to meet beautiful people along the way and cried tears of joy with my clients (I must say I’m an ugly crier though, so if your ceremony makes me cry, be prepared…).

Decided to move to Iceland without ever visiting the country first. Bold decision. But I knew something was pulling me in that direction. The landscape, the nature, the stories I heard. I came here, and never regretted the decision ever since. Found my place, found my people.

Julia - photographer

Location: Nowy Sącz, Poland
Nationality: POLISH

Hey, I’m Julia! My story with photography started during my senior year in high school. To be fair, I started out as a model. Quickly found my way on the other side of the lens though! After I went on a couple editorial shoots with Adam, we stayed good friends and soon became besties for life. Then I decided I want to take that path too – now we’re happily working together on everything Manuka!

I’m forever grateful I chose to be a photographer. When I started shooting weddings with Adam I discovered how positively affected I am by all the emotions I captured during weddings. I took the risk and went full time mode on weddings only to discover it was the best decision ever. I am located in Nowy Sącz, south Poland. It’s my hometown where I live with my boyfriend, my little brother and our beautiful dalmatian.

I’m also passionate about architecture, graphic design and do a lot of side projects not related to photography. I constantly study new ways to improve and I prioritize self-care.